Are you looking for Cost-effective rentals for your event located in Pleasant Hill, Missouri? Moran Events has professional staff ready to help you make your event one to remember. Our Uplighting, Monogram Projection, Pin Spot, DJ, and Photo Booth Services are professional. We can help turn your location into one to remember.


Pleasant Hill, Missouri wedding rentals include:

  • Uplighting
  • Monogram (Gobo) Projection
  • Cake/Centerpiece Pin Spots
  • Professional DJ Services
  • Photo Booth Services
  • Color Wash Your Room
  • Head Table Lighting

You can turn your event and venue from a dual hall to something wonderful all within a small budget. We are the most cost-effective service around the Pleasant Hill, Missouri area. You get a professional service at a price that you can afford. Our uplighting packages are more cost-effective than the DIY packages, and you still have to setup your lights yourself. We our services, we do all the setup for you!

Our professional LED lights are better for the environment and your guests. Older par can lights get extremely sweltering hot that anyone who touched them would get burned, and you were limited to the color or shades of what filters were available. Our LED cans have a slim profile and are cool to the touch. We use ‘shades’ to also hide them most of the time from your guests to help blend in within dark rooms.